It is the policy of the Edenton-Chowan Board of Education that all schools and places of employment within the Edenton-Chowan Schools shall be free of all unauthorized weapons.  No employee or other person shall carry, or encourage another person to carry, whether openly or concealed, an unauthorized weapon as defined below, onto school property at any time.  This policy also prohibits any employee or other person from bringing or possessing on school property at any time, whether openly or concealed, any ammunition, weapon parts, or facsimile of a weapon, without the advance written authorization of the principal.


Weapon is defined as any gun, rifle, pistol, or other firearm of any kind, or any dynamite cartridge, bomb, grenade, mine, or powerful explosive as defined in G.S. 14-284.1, any BB gun, stun gun, air rifle, air pistol, bowie knife, dirk, dagger, slingshot, leaded cane, switchblade knife (a knife containing a blade that opens automatically by the release of a spring or a similar contrivance), blackjack, metallic knuckles, razors and razor blades (except solely for personal shaving), and any sharp-pointed or edged instrument except instructional supplies, unaltered nail files and clips and tools used solely for preparation of food, instruction, and maintenance, on school property.


School property is defined as any public or private school building or bus, public or private school campus, grounds, recreational area, athletic field, or other property owned, used, or operated by the Edenton-Chowan Board of Education.


This policy shall not apply to:

                        (a)        A weapon used solely for educational or school-sanctioned ceremonial purposes, with the prior approval of the principal;


                        (b)        A weapon used in a school-approved program conducted under the supervision of an adult whose supervision has been approved by the principal; or


                        (c)        Firefighters, emergency service personnel, North Carolina Forest Service personnel, any private police employed by Edenton-Chowan Board of Education when acting in the discharge of their official duties, law enforcement officers, or any of those persons specifically exempted by G.S. 14-269(b).


Any employee who is aware that an unauthorized weapon has been carried onto school property must immediately notify the school principal or Superintendent.


Violation of this policy may subject the employee to dismissal.


The principal shall immediately report violations of this policy to law enforcement.

LEGAL REF: G.S. 14-269; -269.2